I paint with paper, and this paper-based practice has been a vehicle for creating artworks that are emotive, evocative, and reflective. My work overall examines and explores aspects of ephemerality and impermanence as it relates to human experience. More precisely, the idea that all things must come to an end with the inevitable and simultaneous birth of new beginning is very much at the core of my practice and intension. Whether the expression is manifested in heavily textured stripped lines, rigidly structured or fluidly aligned “grid-like” surface, or intensely sanded down geometric shapes “unearthed” from the bottom layer, the key to my visual articulation is in the process. In a nutshell, several layers of paper are glued together then the very layers are destroyed by stripping, sanding, or peeling in order to reveal what’s underneath. In the end, I limn universal human experience of ultimate death and its ironic exchangeability with life onto a canvas by performing the acts of building, annihilating, and eventually, birthing and revealing anew.